Class Format

It's All Write.

Using writing as a tool

Communication as an output

We provide a systematic English leaning program

To help your child achieve greatness more easily


Before Class

Students are required to take the placement test before class. The format of the placement test will be a writing test. Then, we will arrange a free-trial class for the student. Based on the test result and student’s feedback of the free-trial class, our instructor will decide which class level fits the student best and adjust the class outline accordingly.


What We Do? 

Course Outline Overview

Introduction to Critical Thinking & Reasoning

Introduction to Efferent reading

Introduction to Essay Structure

Introduction to Writing Styles

How to Develop any Point?

Basic Logic

How to Propose and Communicate?

Introduction to Aesthetic Readings

Introduction to Descriptive & Narrative Writing

Introduction to Creative Non-fiction

The Art of Story Telling

Introduction to Creative Writing


How We Teach?

Personalized 1:1 Tutoring

We will record every class and provide the link of the recording for later review.


Feedback and Reports

e will provide a group chat that include the student, instructor and if necessary, parents in it to update the coursework.


Instant and detailed Homework Feedback

We will provide notes from class and after-class feedback provided by the instructor.

We utilize the professional administration software tower to update all course documents including homework, class updates and after-class feedback. Students are able to access tower easily via website or WeChat.