About WritingMaster

It's All Write.

WritingMaster is a professional English tutoring organization that founded in 2016. Our goal is to provide students with academic literacy and critical thinking skills through our systematic academic English writing courses. We recruit our faculty members from the TOP USA Universities who mainly graduated from Brown University and Chicago University.

Our Productline:

Academic English Reading and Writing Skill Training

International English Writing Competition Tutoring

Oversea Writing Portfolio Publishing Tutoring

We serve students from grade 5-12, who have fundamental English reading and writing background.

Unlike other tutoring services that only focus on GPA boosting or school performance, WritingMater aims to provide a long-term academic skill training that includes academic literacy, critical thinking and researching. In addition to empower student’s overall English writing and communication skills, we provide the student a comprehensive learning environment that will benefit him/her the lifetime.

Our course content cover subjects from liberal art and science, natural science, social science, history, culture, and fine art. After taking the course, the student will make progress towards academic and test prep goals comprehensively.